Spinal Cord and Health

Your spinal cord has four main functions

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How do I feel

after an adjustment

You may feel a deep calm and relaxation. Others feel energetic.

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what creates reactions

Muscles adapt to the spine ...



When will I feel better

The extent of your treatment based on four factors...


When will I feel better?

The result of your treatment is based on four factors:

  • The extent of damage that will be seen from neurological and orthopedic examination, including x-rays and other tests.
  • The many personal characteristics that make you unique: age, duration of disease, lifestyle, your overall health and energy level, gene predisposition or weaknesses, how you handle stress, diet.
  • The desire for your healing and your willingness to work with your chiropractor.
  • The skills of a chiropractor.
  • a) make a correct analysis of the incident

    b) to find the main problem for the adjustment

    c) to find the correct position of  the subluxated vertebra

    d) the ability to make proper restoration

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