Spinal Cord and Health

Your spinal cord has four main functions

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How do I feel

After an adjustment

You may feel a deep calm and relaxation. Others feel energetic.

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What creates reactions

Muscles adapt to the spine



When will I feel better

The extent of your treatment based on four factors

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Your spinal cord has four main functions:

  • 1. To protect your brain and spinal cord.
  • 2. To support the hips, legs, shoulders and upper limbs.
  • 3. Serve as a connecting point for muscles and allow you to stand and move.
  • 4. To support your head and your ribs.
  • Sometimes your spine loses its balance. When this occurs it creates pressure on the bones, spinal cord, brain and nerves. The result is pain, fatigue, weakness and sickness. The chiropractor can find this imbalance, and by soft treatments restore the spines balance and take away the pressure from the nerves and bones. Therefore, the chiropractor helps to revive the health of your body. Approximately 85% of the population will experience even once in their life back pain so strong that it would keep them in bed! Almost all of us in other words.

    Studies have shown that chiropractic is more effective, safer and cheaper than the classic medicine for back pain.

    Drugs tell you lies and distract you from the real problem: the cause of the disease. Drugs do not make you healthy. They may decrease or change the symptoms, but that does not make you healthy. Why are the results in favor of chiropractic? Because painkillers, myo-relaxants, anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), sedatives, physical therapy and surgery are not able to correct dysfunctions of the spine. But chiropractic is! True health comes from within. Health is a picture of a body that functions properly, where energy from the brain can be moved freely and smoothly throughout your body. True health is when the body is balanced, when the spine functions properly, when there is a comfortable sleep and when there is power and energy. Among the things that contribute to good health is the quality of air we breathe, the food and water we drink, how we handle the emotional stress, weaknesses and our strengths, medications, exercise and relaxation. A healthy spine is definitely needed. In many it is the main factor for a life full of vitality or a life of illness, weakness and impotence. Regardless of the condition or disease that you have (dermatology, allergies, asthma, neck or back pain, headaches or insomnia, or other health problems), YOU need a healthy spine!

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