D. D. Palmer

The first School of Chiropractic

Founded in 1895 when DD Palmer applied chiropractic restoration for the first time in patient

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Centaur Cheiron

The Centaur Cheiron is the most famous of the Centaurs

It is the first to use herbs to treat illnesses and injuries.

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His name is connected with the science of medicine

His place was always close to the people, for the sake of which he offered his expertise.

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The wider medical genius, the creator of scientific medicine

"Take note of the spine, because that is the prerequisite for many diseases"

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The most known medical genius, the creator of scientific medicine.

He was born in Kos in 460 BC and lived until 377 BC. He separated medicine from religion and magic. His theoretical concepts were based on the thorough observations made on patients. He argued that diseases caused by pathological disorders, occured in the juices of the body, such as blood, phlegm and the yellow and black bile. As long as there is physiological relationship between these juices, the body is functioning normally and it is healthy. Where the balance is disturbed, disorders occur and the organization suffers. He was investigating any habits of his patients and particularly dietary habits, and mental condition.

He observed the various epidemics which occurred during each year and made significant comments, which now amaze the doctors who are studying them.

He acknowledged that tuberculosis (TBC) was an infectious disease. In his well-known book titled “About gases, water and siteshe refers to the influence of climate on the human body. He observes that the most healthy climate is placed where the orientation is Meridian. The writings of Hippocrates were studied with interest in the Roman period and later. Doctors who followed the teachings of Hippocrates were valued more than doctors based on different conceptions made by the German physician Paracelsus. During the Renaissance physicians recognized the great value of the writings of Hippocrates. And in our time, when medicine has advanced through the use of the the microscope, x- rays, biochemistry and immunology, Hippocrates perceptions on medicine are highly respected.


«prevention is better than cure»