Curriculum Vitae

I was born and raised in Sweden.

I came to Greece and attended courses and high school in the first High School of N. Ionia Magnesia After high school I attended the SCANDINAVIAN COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC in Stockholm, Sweden ...



Seminars in North America & Europe for continuous updating, upgrading and improvement in technique. All years of study I worked as a masseuse when there was a continuous contact with patients.
After finishing my studies I immediately began to work as a chiropractor.
In the meanwhile I was teaching on AXELSONS GYMNASTISKA INSTITUT of STOCKHOLM.
AXELSON INSTITUT is the largest school in Northern Europe in alternative / complementary medicine.
In 2001 I returned to Greece and founded the first clinic on Epirus Str in Volos and in 2008 moved the clinic in a privately owned building at Admetos Str. From 2018 the clinic moved closest to the centre of the city at 113 Analipseos Str.